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Customer Complaint Management: 5 Reasons to Want Complaints


You might ask: Why would I want my customers to complain? There are at least five reasons, why clients communicating their concerns actually helps your business while Complaint Management Software lets you resolve issues quickly and learn from each instance. Customer Complaint Management

1. Receive Customer Feedback

Getting complaints may be the cheapest way to receive customer feedback and can prevent having to conduct surveys or search for online rants. It's true that most of the time complaints are just that, complaints, but they still provide valuable feedback about how the company is doing. Armed with new knowledge in your complaint management system, you can augment, improve, or modify your products or services.

2. Identify Deficiencies

Sometimes, being so close to the product or service leads to missing the deficiencies that should be addressed. Other times, everyone is just so busy or in love with the product/service that they don't even perceive things as deficiencies. Here, customers come to your aid with their vocal complaints. Once you know that certain issues exist, you can correct them and create loyal customers who appreciate your attentiveness.

3. Build a Good Reputation

Being an expert at complaint resolution provides an easy path to scoring brownie points with customers. Who doesn't love a company that pays attention to what its customers think, admits its mistakes, and goes an extra mile to make clients happy? If customers trust you, they will be more likely to spend their money with you.

4.  Understand Customer Needs and Perceptions

Of course you like your product/service. You might think it’s the best in the world, but what if your customers disagree? Their complaints will be sure to let you know. After all, you are in business to make money and for that you need to be selling something good that customers want. Tap your skills in expert complaint management and give clients exactly what they are looking for.

5. Stimulate Innovation and Ideas

A good complaint management process is likely to give you ideas for service or product improvements. While you are gathering and responding to complaints you are creating a knowledge base that will help you resolve issues quicker and generate innovative solutions. Who knows, maybe the next complaint will give you an idea for the next best seller!

Customer complaints can be beneficial in the success of a business. Using your customer complaint management software, you can not only resolve problems faster and more effectively, you can also extract valuable analytics that help you improve your products/services and operations.

How have you benefited from managing complaints well? Leave us a comment!


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