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Fraud Examiners Need a More Dynamic Case Management Solution!


ACFE Fraud ConferenceAfter attending the 23rd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference in Orlando, FL last week, one thing continues to resonate in my mind: Fraud is widespread, worldwide, and a huge problem for businesses in many areas. I spoke with organizations dealing with money laundering, accounting, insurance claims, internal auditing, fraudulent customer complaints, etc. Financial institutions, government agencies, retail establishments, corporate auditors, insurance examiners, and the list goes on and on. They all are handling or preventing fraudulent transactions and rarely do any of these entities have a good Fraud Case Management solution.

Fraud Management can be improved in so many ways using a Dynamic Case Management (DCM) solution that is built on a cloud platform. A web-based DCM solution delivers processing improvements, knowledge management, auditability, detailed history, 360 degree case view, approvals, content management and so many more features to help predict, prevent, and then manage fraudulent activities across all industry sectors. The individuals I spoke with could not wait to get back to their various offices to report their findings and tell their bosses and colleagues that solutions like AppBase actually exist and can help them today. It felt great to have such a compelling solution to demonstrate to people working through such tremendous challenges.


Rapidly build and deploy Dynamic Case Management Applications in the Cloud with AppBase, Eccentex's Platform-as-a-Service. Visit to learn how to increase business agility, improve productivity, optimize case outcomes, and reduce risk with a cloud platform.


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