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Electronic Document Management (EDM), Only a Gateway to a Fully Functioning Case Management System

Electronic Document ManagementElectronic document management is an increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to optimize operations, reduce expenses and streamline workflows. While managing large quantities of documents electronically can certainly organize businesses efficiently, electronic document management is only one component of a comprehensive electronic case management solution.

Frequently, when evaluating document management we tend to overlook that it is only a portion of a true Dynamic Case Management (DCM) solution. A full featured case management system should encompass much more than only electronic document management, and include many of the following features.
  • Business process management: Monitoring processes in a business with a goal of continuously improving efficiency also improves the workflow. A robust process management strategy positively impacts customer service and satisfaction.
  • Electronic content management: Creating and maintaining archives of electronic content is becoming increasingly important for companies around the world. Instead of storing boxes of files, electronic versions of client cases, documents, emails etc. can be archived and indexed to facilitate easy searching in the future.
  • Business rules creation and management: The rules and regulations that govern a business evolve in response to changing laws and the business environment. A cloud case management platform for electronic document management simplifies the process of creating and managing business rules. Once changes are made in the cloud, the updated documents are instantly available to everyone with permission to access them.
  • Pre-built integration services: As more businesses turn to cloud based solutions, dealing with data storage in different cloud services can be challenging. A pre-built integration service is a form of electronic document management that quickly and easily integrates data from various cloud-based platforms for optimal efficiency and easy accessibility.
  • Data management: According to the body of knowledge of the international professional data management organization DAMA, data management is "the development, execution and supervision of plans, policies, programs and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information assets." Businesses of all sizes and across all professions and industries benefit from a well-planned and executed data management system.
  • Analytics: Analytics are crucial to determining the success of dynamic case management by evaluating the effectiveness of strategies instead of just assessing the efficiencies.
  • Role based security: One of the many useful aspects of electronic document management is the easy ability to assign access to sensitive information based on an employee's role in the company.
  • Integrated capture: One of the first features an electronic document management system requires is an integrated capture system to "capture" documents and integrate them into the electronic management system.
  • Global inbox: Collect, organize and access emails from more than one email account through a global inbox.
  • Calendaring: Oversee the schedule of all staff and appointments and make changes instantly with electronic calendaring.
  • Knowledge base: Consolidate large amounts of data in a knowledge base to allow easy analysis and evaluation of various scenarios.
  • Document generation: One of the best time-saving electronic document management features is document generation. Produce forms or invoices quickly and easily.
  • Collaboration tools: Using a cloud-based platform allows individuals in multiple locations to collaborate on projects with ease.

Every business is different. When evaluating an electronic document management system for your business, it is important to consider which features will provide the best solution for your situation. Whether your goal is to reduce paperwork, make office processes more efficient or reduce overall expenses, remember that electronic document management is simply the starting point. Adding the relevant features that are best suited to your business will take your dynamic case management strategy to the next level as you continuously improve your business.


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