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Achieving Tomorrow’s Vision of a Knowledge Worker


knowledge workerBased on a recent infographic, knowledge workers have significantly changed since the days of the industrial revolution. Back when factories managed workers, communication was distant and information was shared via the telegraph. Fast forward to today, we have knowledge workers who are information professionals and use the internet as their global information sharing tool. So where do we go from here?

According to Gartner, 40% of knowledge workers will remove their desk phones and won’t work from a cubicle or office, instead these workers will work from their current location via tablets and Smartphones. This will be implemented by 2013. According to other analysts, analytic positions will be in more demand than ever. By 2014, 40% of workers will telecommute. The final prediction states that broadband will become universal and enterprises will become mobile. The question of “are we there yet?” has become more relevant than ever.

SAP recently announced they created an app store with more than 1,500 available apps, with many more in the works.  It seems that enterprise software developers are spending copious amounts of time and money in an effort to determine what business will want and need to do with their software to monetize and benefit from these predictions. This leaves us wondering how beneficial is this 'create and hope' strategy?

We believe the answer is not very. Today’s knowledge worker can be just as productive inside the office as out. Even without broadband being universal, they are already removing desk phones, having content mobilized to telecommute and most importantly using platforms like AppBase to create the tools they need to get the information necessary to solve any issues they might face. Today’s knowledge workers can achieve tomorrow’s potential without the cost and wait!


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