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Social Services Challenge with Dynamic Cases


MC900341835Social service workers face a number of unique challenges in providing quality care to clients. Their cases are dynamic and change over time, and case management take places through a variety of mediums, from face to face meetings and phone consultations to e-mail and even social media interactions with a client. Web-based social service software not only consolidates these workflows but offers tools for predicting and preventing undesirable case outcomes, ensuring that social service workers have time for what is truly important: arranging care for clients.

When Social Service Software Applications Are Accessible Anywhere

One of the biggest challenges social workers face is consolidating case notes and other documentation taken in the field with the existing case file in the office. In many organizations this necessitates transcribing or uploading handwritten documentation at a later time, which leads to work backlogs and takes time away from efficient case management. Social Service software offers web-based dynamic case management solutions that can be accessed from anywhere, on a laptop with an internet connection. This means that even in the field, social workers can use these cloud apps to update and modify a client’s case.

  • Clients are assigned a unique client number, so even clients that have multiple entries and drop outs into programs can be tracked through this I.D. throughout the application.
  • Form management application allows for all activities to be quickly and accurately logged for later access, from initial screening and intake forms to log sheets to discharge summaries.
  • Unlike outdated social service software, web-based social service software has a collaborative scheduling utility built into the platform so that social workers can create and update meetings between clients, groups, and other staff from one place.
  • Enterprise-grade security ensures that client records are kept confidential and HIPAA compliant, even when using the software in the field.

In addition to these features, cloud-based social service software provides a billing component that can be coordinated with existing billing processes or moved to the online billing module, a referrals tool to register and track referral sources and contacts, an employee management function to store social worker credentials and documentation for future case assignments, and much more. This makes web-based tools the optimal social service software solutions, reducing redundant tasks and improving worker efficiency. This in turn improves individual and organizational effectiveness while reducing costs, an important consideration with today’s focus on improving social service care while controlling service cost.

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