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Are you losing top talent with Stale Bread?


Mobile ComputingIt is hard for today’s youth to imagine a time when the Internet was the newest technology craze. A time when you felt the excitement run through you as you saw text flash across the screen indicating that you had connected with someone, somewhere. The possibilities were endless and the world, although not known at the time, was about to embark on a technology driven era that would forever change the way we communicate with each other as well as in business.

Today, the power and capabilities of technology are endless for a youthful generation in the business world. Their ability to navigate technology, far better than older executives, brings a unique and desirable skillset that companies are looking for. But is it possible that the skillset driven by their experiences is being dampened, diminished and stunted by which devices the workplaces offers? Some believe so, and many more consider it a possibility. Today’s workforce consists of a mix of creative, intelligent, technology driven youth and business focused-senior level executives, with less experience with the devices in which this new generation has mastered. At the heart of today’s businesses are a select group of employees tasked with using their creativity to solve problems that arise each day. These problems, if not solved can easily drive a huge business to ruins. Top talent is required to identify and solve these problems. 

The devices offered by a company play a key role in how efficient its top employees do their jobs. If a company only offers PC or laptop use for example, that limits the amount of work a younger employee performs since he or she is already used to being productive on a smartphone or a tablet. If a company only offers tablets and smartphones, that are more technologically advanced, it can hinder the senior level staff’s ability to work efficiently yet would be a breeze for the young staff members.

So what should companies be doing to ensure they can recruit and retain top talent? The answer is offering devices that drive the creativity of your target workforce. Companies should be adapting the BYOD (bring your own device) approach to better serve the creativeness, motivation, and happiness of their top talent. The ability to work on a device which is the right fit for that employee will not only motivate them to perform better, but will encourage future talent to join knowing they have the choice of technology that best suits them. 

Why try motivate today’s youth and tomorrow's leaders with stale bread when your competition is offering fresh baked cookies to the top talent who will then eat your market share for lunch!

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