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Are You “T-shaped” for Future Success?


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Recent studies have shown that there is a high demand for skill-set workers, despite the constant highlight of unemployment numbers. According to majority of employers, one of the most sought-after candidates for management, consulting, research, and other leadership positions are T-shaped. The concept of T-shaped skills is a metaphor used in job recruitment to describe the abilities of professionals in the workforce.

According to Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti  from the Apollo Research Institute:

  • T-shaped professionals have deep knowledge of their primary field, but are also familiar with a broad range of other disciplines that complement their main proficiency
  • T-shaped professionals also have the ability to collaborate effectively with other team members which shortens the time between the appearance of a problem and the discovery of its solution

This combination of depth and breadth of knowledge, known as transdisciplinarity, allows workers to enrich their ongoing projects with lessons and models from seemingly unrelated fields.” T-shaped knowledge workers are also likely to see faster career progression, since they are able to take on extra responsibilities and contribute more to their company.

New technology platforms are also crucial in shaping the way T-shaped professionals excel in the workforce. The Apollo Research Institute issued the Future Work Skills 2020 report  which examines how key societal and technological drivers, such as the rise of smart machines, a computational and globally connected world, and radically superstructured organizational forms will reshape the landscape of work. In order to acquire the “T-shaped” workforce, businesses need to be able to provide these workers with the devices and the necessary data that they need in a form that they can access immediately. For example, T-shaped knowledge workers may find Dynamic Case Management  platforms very resourceful in the workplace. By acquiring these skill sets today, employees will be better positioned to tackle the career challenges of the next decade and beyond.





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