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Skilled Knowledge Workers Dominate the Global Workforce


knowledge workerIt’s no secret that our workforce is constantly evolving and the demand for knowledge workers has drastically increased across multiple industries. Businesses with a high percentage of knowledge workers form the fastest growing sectors in today’s economy. This is a common trend that is also growing amongst other countries.

According to the 2012/2013 Randstad World of Work Report, the future workplace in Malaysia will be dominated by skilled knowledge workers, which will help the country reach a higher income status by 2020. This survey also predicts that 66% of Malaysian business leaders will engage in knowledge work within the next five years. In India, Adobe Systems conducted a survey based on knowledge workers that suggested mobility will define the future of collaboration.

On average in India, 68% of knowledge workers confirm that they use smart phones and tablets to access documents, while 58% said they already use these devices to create, manage and review documents. The majority, 90% of respondents, confirmed that in the near future they will increase the use of smart phones and tablets for document creation, management and review. These results illustrate how imperative it is for companies to empower the knowledge worker and enable tablet and mobile device use in the workplace, providing an efficient avenue to maximize collaboration and productivity.

According to the Adobe survey, 58% of knowledge workers feel they are less or non-productive with the current set of documentation and productivity tools that their organization uses. Eccentex’s PaaS solution provides specialty applications that create a platform that enhances knowledge worker productivity by focusing on advancing user experience, offering user-friendly interfaces, and employing process analytics. Eccentex’s cloud-based application enables users to work when, where and how they desire, which helps knowledge workers deliver better results for their companies. One thing is certain; knowledge workers are a valuable asset in our current U.S. workforce and around the globe. 

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