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Knowledge Workers Find the Balance


knowledge workerIn a recent article from Fast Company, the author of Personal Kanban, Jim Benson, was interviewed to discuss workflow management, managerial Zen and the effect on knowledge workers. Benson’s concept of Kanban, a term which comes from Japanese factories, focuses on a system (mechanical, personal or other) that efficiently and methodically completes tasks without overburdening the system. In today’s ever-changing work environment, tasks to be completed in a day can change drastically, and a knowledge worker’s to do list may not be relevant from one point in the day to another. Being able to prioritize a day’s, week’s or month’s action items, knowing that you will only be able to complete a certain number of tasks, makes it important to have the capability to manage work by volume and highest value.

Knowledge work is non-routine, therefore can be time-consuming and draining. According to Benson, each knowledge worker should organize their tasks into three columns: ready, doing and done, and determine a limit to what is reasonable and realistic be able to accomplish. This will allow for a higher quality of work completed in a shorter period of time. Paired with a supportive work environment, conducive to motivating employees, the theory behind Kanban is being carried out by knowledge workers in many professional areas.

It is because of this understanding that companies are looking for solutions to ensure their knowledge workers are reaching the highest potential while not being bogged down by excessive work or pressure. With the evolution of knowledge work from no technology to too much technology to knowledge-enabled technology, dynamic case management (DCM) can streamline the process of gathering data, evaluating knowledge bases and communicating the results.

Forrester released a report debunking the myth that DCM is an “old, worn-out idea,” but is instead a new way for organizations to simplify complex tasks and deliver their customers with products that can scale and evolve with the changing market. Cloud-based DCM platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings aids in the transformation of the industry, allowing for knowledge workers to increase productivity by working how, when and where they want. 

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