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Balancing Work with Work? You Could Benefit From Having a Hobby.


OverworkWork has been allowed to take over our lives more often than not. This trend is especially strong during today's tough and uncertain economic times. With mobile devices in hand, we tend to stretch working hours long past the regular 40 and make sure to stay caught up when taking vacations. On weekends, we sneak off into a quiet space to get a head start on a project, feeling a sense of achievement if we tackle a few tasks before Monday. In other words, we seem to balance work with work instead of balancing it with life. 

Since the 1970's, Americans are working about 11 more hours a week. At the same time, the average wages of middle-income families have declined by 13%, taking inflation into account.

We live under the impression that higher achievements or a bigger paycheck will make us happier. Forbes reported that many of us know that we work too much. However, numerous studies prove that overwork actually leads to higher anxiety and depression levels. Once those unpleasant feelings kick in, other unhealthy habits can't be too far behind. Skipping exercise, eating on the run, and missing out on social activities all contribute to lesser overall health and thereby take away from happiness.

When you feel like you need to work more, work smarter and more efficiently instead. Stop balancing work with work and get a hobby instead. Let today's technological advances, like web-based case management, help you gain more free time for things that really make you happy and healthy. 

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